WW1 | First World War Centenary – August 2014


Welcome… the picture to the left is shocking and more or less sums up my feeling on the first world war. That being said, if ever I think about what my Great Grandfather went through during this conflict I feel nothing but pride. I may not agree with the reasons that the nations of Europe decided to annihilate an entire generation of young men but I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and I’m sure once you’ve read his story, you’ll understand what I mean.

Although this blog will cover both world wars, August 2014 marks one hundred years since the outbreak of hostilities in Europe. He was involved in both world wars and somehow survived to tell the tale. He lived despite being captured by the German army, incarcerated as a POW then escaped during WWI. He survived the defeat in Europe against the Nazi’s at Dunkirk during WWII.

Here begins my Great Grandfather’s memoirs, over the year I’ll be adding to his story piece by piece as and when I can.


Quick links to articles written so far…

A letter from a King | Horace’s artefacts

PART 1 | Pre WW1 | Horace’s memoirs

Would you see footballers today do such a thing? | Research piece

PART 2 | WW1 | Horace’s memoirs

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